Roadmap to Becoming Alive (FREE  1-Hour Course)

Something else is possible right now.

I invite you to journey for the next 45 minutes to discover the resources within you that are waiting for you to connect with.

This is a 3-part video series + intro + outro, created for Men on the path to have a Roadmap with distinctions and maps of the different territories to explore to becoming alive and becoming their life's purpose in action.

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"This is a doorway for you to source the energy, clarity and aliveness that you've been looking for to create what you came here to create."


  • Sourcing Your Feelings. This module covers the current state of numbness that most men exist in, numbing strategies and the defence mechanisms that make them a dead machine. It paints the roadmap to growing their capacity to feel high-intensity adult feelings and to hold space for feelings.

  • Reclaiming Your Authority. Those of us born in mainstream culture were heavily conditioned to obey and give our center away to external authorities. It paints a roadmap with practices and processes to reclaim your center, your voice and get your authority back so that you can become the author of your life.

  • Distilling Your Purpose. In this module we'll go through the different invisible forces that influence your behaviour. Inspiration, Vision, Purpose, Sabotaging, keeping you in endless repeating cycles, and stuck at certain levels playing a stupid game. In this module, I paint the roadmap to mapping out these invisible forces so that they don't have such a tight grip on your life and so they can actually become allies in your journey. As well as lay out the games that you could be creating or playing, and how the universe changes around you when you become committed.